Giysi Atıklarına Yönelik Araştırmalar

Common Fanzine

Common Fanzine; is a creative digital series that invites everyone, aiming to bring together interdisciplinary issues in the field of textile and to find common bonds between them. TTAO Common Fanzine, which is carried out by asking questions and trying to see the hidden bonds behind the questions, supporting creative and critical thinking, and impact area of the Turkish Textile Research Organization, and the free sharing space that supports brain training. It brings together different disciplines with the textile as a center. 


Giysi Atıklarına Yönelik Araştırmalar

Research on Garment Waste (GAYA)

The Gaya project started when we wondered and questioned the endpoint of post-use textile waste. With the support of the Science Virus x European Union Delegation, the research took its first steps. While the research is being conducted, issues such as waste management, where and how the waste is evaluated, and whether the conversion methods are the final solution are discussed and it is tried to follow up the uncertain endpoints. The project is still ongoing.


The project page is still under construction… To be a part of the project, you can contact us at [email protected]